‘Look up; wake up’ to chemtrails

‘Look up; wake up’ to chemtrails – Cyprus-Mail.com

CHEMTRAILS appeared in the skies above Paphos on Sunday, during an event held by the Green Party to raise awareness of the phenomena, organisers said.

Green Party member and Peyia councillor Linda Leblanc said the timing was perfect. “As we were holding a demonstration at Paphos harbour to raise awareness of this problem, chemtrails were clearly visible in the sky.”

“I’m telling people to wake up and look up,” she added.

Paphos, Cyprus – Maps.Google.pt

Até os políticos já começam a aperceber-se do Dum-Dum!

Este Post tem um rebuçado (!):

Ex-government employee talks chemtrails – Playlist no NossoTubo.com

The chemtrail program is also known as “Project Cloverleaf”, and it is very compartmentalized. Even the pilots themselves have no real idea of why they are actually spraying. – Chemtrails are a sub-program of the US Navy’s Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) program called the Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE) – a system for creating 3D battlefield imaging that the US military has been using in Iraq and Afghanistan – Some of the chemtrail contents are biological in nature such as BCTP – an anti-anthrax inoculation that was tested on US populations.

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