Why are so many people in the Gulf region getting sick? (Update2-importante, leiam)

Update2-importante, leiam

COREXIT ainda a ser utilizado:

Crowe: Stop Using Toxic Chemical Dispersants – (2011-02-16) – Rush Radio 99.5 WRNO.com

State Sentor A.G. Crowe, whose district was impacted by the Gulf oil spill, is calling for an immediate ban on the use of toxic chemical dispersants – in particular Corexit – in U.S. navigable waters and that non-toxic products be used in their place.

Podem ver todos os Vídeos aqui (Playlist YouTube)



Censored Gulf news: Deadly denial of ‘Core Exit.’ Evacuations. Griff’s Agenda 21 facts. – Examiner.com

Griffith pin-pointed seven facts about the Gulf petrochemical-military-industrial-complex operation resulting in Agenda 21:

Fact 1: I know the effect of spraying Corexit and other unknown chemicals on the Gulf of Mexico has the outcome effect of Agenda 21 regardless of motive.

Fact 2: From the beginning BP and U.S. Government appeared to act in concert to cover up and deceive the people they were hurting.

Fact 3: They consistently covered up factual data from local coastal governments and lied to all via media broadcasts. BP and government aggressively suppressed observation and information from citizens and press.

Fact 4: U.S. Government representatives said in the press, BP refused to stop spraying Corexit over Gulf waters and populated areas. Government did not demand BP stop releasing Corexit and other chemicals.

Fact 5: In a recent press release BP said, most of the oil has disappeared from the Gulf. A case could me made that the + millions of gallons of oil never existed and that excuse was used to justify use of millions of gallons of Corexit and other chemicals into waters playing into Agenda 21.

Fact 6: Every action of man has a reason. Everything has a reason. Both BP and U.S. Government had reasons for their actions. Even if their reasons are different, Agenda 21’s written goals are the same as the outcome of their actions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fact 7: Axiom in law, “People do what they want to do.” Both BP and Government wanted to do what they did.”

BP’s Wells Says He Doesn’t Know Who Was in Charge Aboard Deepwater Horizon – Bloomberg.com


Porqué que não me perguntam a mim??? Eu sei quem tava “in charge”!

Era um tal Mr. Ronald Sepulvado (até 16/04/2010); substituído por Bob (Robert) Kaluza.

BP’s Robert Kaluza pleads fifth amendment to avoid testifying – Real-Agenda.com

Robert Kaluza, Drilling Engineer at British Petroleum, Houston TX – Jigsaw.com

– Tá calado!… (Eu sinceramente não sei comé que ele sabe estas coisas… tal é esta troca: Bananas por informação!)


Why are so many people in the Gulf region getting sick? – YourCallRadio.BlogSpot.com

MD: Cancer to “SURGE” over next few years in area impacted by oil disaster

Riki Ott: Dispersants & gentically engineered bacteria still in use; Cease & desist orders needed

People will start dying in large numbers if not addressed now writes top attorney to national media. – OilSpillAction.com via FloridaOilSpillLaw.com

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