Messages from Libya via a friend/Feb 24, 2011

Messages from Libya via a friend/Feb 24, 2011 –

Emails from my Libyan friend:


I am sorry for being away from the forums this long, but the internet was deliberately slowed down by the Libyan government, and all the phone lines and SMS services are broken down most of the time; I guess to carry out its crimes towards innocent Libyan protesters. This is extermination and genocide for sure.

They somehow managed to prevent us from logging in to websites such as facebook and twitter. I still could not log in to this forum too.

The situation here is very bad, people being shot just for standing in the streets. The Qaddafi regime hired some African mercenaries who are paid to deliberately kill innocent people and rape their women. Ninety percent of victims were shot in the head, neck or chest, with a 14.5 caliber anti-aircraft amo. Their target is obviously to spread fear among the protesters.

The situation is very serious and I really fear for our safety.


É a foto mais violenta que já vi, tirando uma que vi de satanismo…

Putz… Mercenários em África é do piorio…

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