Gulf BioTerrorism: A Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us (Part II)

Gulf BioTerrorism: A Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us (Part II) – (

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common bacterium which can cause disease in animals, including humans. The symptoms of such infections are generalized inflammation and sepsis. If such colonizations occur in critical body organs, such as the lungs, the urinary tract, and kidneys, the results can be fatal. It is also able to decompose hydrocarbons and has been used to break down tarballs and oil from oil spills.

Hemorrhagic Septicemia

As if that’s not bad enough, bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia is usually restricted to system-wide infections by bacteria opportunists such as Pseudomonas. [It’s difficult not to notice how the same names keep coming up the further these hydrocarbon eating ingredients and their resulting symptoms are defined]. Bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia is transmitted via contaminated fresh water – rivers, lakes, and ponds –  as well as by salt water or by diseased fish from either one.

In fish, vibrio septicemia is a hemorrhage in the skin of the tail and fins; ulceration of the skin; and/or hemorrhage in the muscles and serosal (ie, Gastrointestinal) surfaces. The spleen may be enlarged and bright red. With microscopic study of the cells and tissue, necrosis (cellular death) of the liver, kidney, and spleen are common. Small cutaneous (skin) ulcers and hemorrhaging can be seen in both the skin and muscle. The lesions often cause ulcerative dermatitis. There is also swelling of the liver, spleen and kidneys along with cellular death (necrosis) of the affected tissue with abundant colonies of bacteria.

Vibrio Septicemia is transmitted by contact with diseased fish or contaminated water.  The bacteria persist not only in fish, but in the birds that eat them. Perhaps now we have an explanation for why both fresh and salt water fish, as well as birds, are experiencing mass die-offs.

My question is why do all the symptoms found in the fish and birds also show up in Gulf of Mexico residents and cleanup workers?

If there was any parallel argument that Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) is occurring here in the Gulf of Mexico, this would be a prime candidate.

Cattle can have hemorrhagic septicemia and there are many diseases classified as both bacterial and viral hemorrhagic septicemia. My point is that this is not just a fish or bird problem. It also effects mammals. Proof is the hemorrhagic septicemia evident with the Dolphins and whales dying in the Gulf of Mexico since May 2010. After all, both dolphins and whales are mammals.

Is this just due to bacteria, or has HGT become a viral factor using genetically engineered bacteriophages (viruses) – that normally attack bacteria – as the method to transfer synthetic DNA into the natural bacteria?

Viral hemorrhagic fever – a group of illnesses caused by a viral infection. Fever and gastrointestinal symptoms are followed by capillary hemorrhage.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever – a severe and often fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates caused by the Ebola virus; characterized by high fever and severe internal bleeding; can be spread from person to person.

The symptoms don’t lie. Be it viral or bacterial or a combination of both, the synthetically engineered microorganisms introduced into the Gulf of Mexico to eat up the oil and the gas are crossing species barriers. All life from plankton to whales to humans are experiencing the same problems.

The disgusting TV and radio ads still continue in north America. The governments want everyone to come on down to the Gulf beaches; swim in our water; eat our seafood.

I can’t help but think that if there was a way to make the oil and gas disappear along with people, this would be the perfect formula.


Para quem perdeu a 1ª. parte:

Gulf BioTerrorism: A Silent & Deadly Enemy Among Us (PART I) – (


There are new species or strains of bacteria now present in the Gulf of Mexico that very closely match the single strand DNA of known natural oil and gas munching bacteria. Three of these are hydrocarbonoclastic (oil eating) bacteria while one is an anaerobic bacterium that thrives on gas, especially methane. All are genetically modified and altered.

All these bacteria are Gram-negative and join together to form antibiotic resistant “bio-films” which colonize both within and on people. The skin ulcers, boils, rashes, pneumonia, lesions, internal hemorrhaging, along with many more symptomatic results, are directly tied to these synthetically DNA altered bacteria. They are responsible for new and unknown pathogenic diseases where current antibiotics have very little or no effect.

1. Pseudomonas alcaligenes is a Gram-negative bacteria used for bio-remediation purposes because it can degrade aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene or methane.

2. Alcanivorax borkumensis is a Gram-negative bacteria used for bio-remediation purposes because it can degrade oil hydrocarbons.

3. Oleispirea Antarctica is a Gram-negative hydrocarbon degrading bacteria only found in Rod Bay and the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

4. Oceaniserpentilla Haliotis is a Gram-negative hydrocarbon degrading bacteria found only in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand.



Quem é que marc???… err… quero dizer, tá calado!!!

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