The True Face of the Iraqi and Libyan War

The True Face of the Iraqi and Libyan War. Is This How We Want Our Children and Grandchildren to Remember Our Generation? –

… We should be concentrating on fixing the many problems in our own country rather than interfering in other’s…

The death toll of civilians in Libya has already started. You only need look at the civilian deaths in the Iraq war, which continue to rise by the hour to see this does not add up.

Its time as a nation we develop a conscience and put pressure on those politicians who are meant to represent us to put an end to this warmongering and bring those who are guilty of war crimes to justice regardless of the perception the public has of their invincibility and right to commit atrocities abhorrent to ordinary people without punishment.


Quando começar a vir cá pra estes lados, talvez o pessoal comece a prestar um bocadinho mais de atenção…

Tiraste-me as palavras do teclado…

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