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Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors


Cada vez gosto mais de Israel…

No Minor Matter: Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors Arrested by Israel on Suspicion of Stone-Throwing –

In preparing this report, B’Tselem interviewed 50 minors, who described the events from the moment they were arrested to the time they were released from jail. Their testimonies indicate numerous serious violations of their rights, as follows:

* The arrest: Thirty of the minors said they were taken from their home by soldiers in the middle of the night and that their parents were not allowed to accompany them.

* The interrogation: Only three of the minors who were arrested at night said they were interrogated that night. Nineteen stated they were questioned the next morning, three were questioned in the afternoon, and two were not questioned until five days later. Only three of the minors who were arrested at night reported that they were given a reasonable chance to sleep prior to the interrogation, and five related that soldiers made a point of awakening them if they fell asleep while waiting for the interrogation (pois, interrogar alguém a dormir não dá, né?). Nineteen also said they were treated violently and were threatened during the interrogation, and 23 said that they were not allowed, for many hours, to perform necessary functions, such as going to the bathroom, eating, and drinking.

* Remand until the end of proceedings: The military justice system does not have an alternative to remand until the end of proceedings as the Israeli law does. In the vast majority of cases, the judges order the minor held in custody until the end of the proceedings. Of the 133 minors who were prosecuted for stone throwing in cases handled by DCI-Palestine in 2009 and 2010, only 23 (17 percent) were released on bail pending their trial. As a result, many minors prefer to enter into a plea bargain, in which they confess to the charges against them in exchange for a shorter sentence, fearing that, if a trial is held, they would be kept in jail during the long period of time that it takes to complete the trial (não se pré-ocupem, a “justiça” Portuguesa funciona igualzinho…).

* Imprisonment: Imprisonment, rather than an alternative punishment, is the principal penalty chosen by the military courts. In the period 2005-2010, 93 percent of the minors convicted of stone throwing were given a prison sentence, its length ranging from a few days to 20 months. Nineteen minors under age 14, who accounted for 60 percent of this age group who were convicted of stone throwing during this period, were given a prison sentence. Under the law in Israel, incarceration of minors under age 14 is prohibited.

São estes os nossos “amiguinhos”, né, ó senhores EFI?

E se fosse com os vossos filhos? Ainda continuavam “amiguinhos”?…

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus (Update1)



~~~~~~~~~~~~~No fim

Todo o trabalho deste Autor:


Comodo Instant Malware Analysis –

(Usuários à procura de uma suite (grátis) para Windows: Comodo Internet Security)

(Se alguém souber de uma melhor (freeware), é só escrever nos comentários)

Anubis – Analysis Report –

Créditos: Gow Tham

Pessoal, vejam isto!


Ingredientes necessários: Somente uma Mente Aberta!

Este senhor chama-se Glean Kealey, o Website d’ ele é:

Estes são os Vídeos que vos quero apresentar, ele explica, entre outras coisas, a origem da Maçonaria e como eles criaram “Deus” e os “Anjinhos” e o “Diabo”, por aí fora…


Glen Kealey – Workshop #1

Glen Kealey – Workshop #2

Glen Kealey – Workshop #3

Downloads ( ♫ para ♫ mais ♫ tarde ♫ recordar ♫ ) via

Glen Kealey – Workshop #1

Glen Kealey – Workshop #2

Glen Kealey – Workshop #3

Numa mensagem enviada à minha pessoa que falou directa-mente com Glean Kealey, eis o que ele (Kealey) diz de David Icke:

~~~~mensagem original

Glen Kealey about David Icke:

“David Icke is a Masonic entertainer. Reportedly, as with Harry Potter, his books are written for him by a committee, while he is free to tour the world putting on his ‘SHOW’.

Before I clearly overstood this (who he was …really), David was a guest in my home in Maple Bay, British Columbia, (while on tour he had made a stop in Victoria to speak).

What David speaks of is 95% correct while the other 5%, as his name (DICKE) phoenetically suggests, is intended to divert you from reality.

Icke takes his audience/readers (as with Zacharia Sitchin’s aliens), from a shape-shifted reality, backwards into a shape-shifted (reptilian) illusion.

The true ultimate reality is that we are all shape-shifted (evolving both naturally and artificially). Intentional evolution is by Frankish GRAND ORIENT Freemasonry’s monetary and languaging cypher ‘keys’, allegorically styled SHYLOCK (money-lending) and OTHELLO (language-Desdemona pictographs).

The last step in human shape-shifting is the Genetic Engineering of numerous cloned Xerox copies of our coming replacement, the bisexed androgyne SuperSlave ‘SUCKER’ dubbed ‘Je susse’ (in the French language …Jesus).”


F*da-se, um gaijo já não sabe o que pensar…

Ah, se segues os íconezinhos, claro.

Mas se segues só a informação, não te baralhas tanto ó seu macaco…

The Clinton Chronicles (Full Version)


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US “Justice”


2 US Judges Plead guilty to selling children to private prisons!


Eu não ouvi nada sobre isto…

Pois. Andas a mamar bananas à pala!

Facebook + Governments = Arrest Peaceful Activists


Facebook Now Helping Governments Spy On And Arrest Peaceful Activists –

Esta notícia aqui debaixo já tem quase 4 anos, feliz aniversário…

CIA ‘launches Facebook for spies’ –

Só pra lembrar, não sei se o pessoal já se esqueceu, que ninguém na Europa e na América do Norte (E.U.A. (aka U.S.)) tem Habeas Corpus desde 2007 e 2001, respectivamente.

Vamos ver agora se as risadinhas serão tão populares como anteriormente…


Mais um apanhadozito de notícias espectaculares…


We are free, honey…

5 Reasons NOT to Eat Genetically Modified Foods –

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